September 17th, 2007.

Session 1 (14:00 - 15:30)

Introduction: Graph Labelling workshop and Web spam Challenge

Ludovic Denoyer

Semi-Supervised Learning: A Comparative Study for Web Spam and Telephone User Churn (8 pages PDF, 144KB)

Andras A. Benczur, Karoly Csalogany, Laszlo Lukacs, David Siklosi

A Fast Method to Predict the Labeling of a Tree (7 pages PDF, 162KB)

Sergio Rojas Galeano and Mark Herbster

Web Spam Challenge 2007 Track II - Secure Computing Corporation Research (8 pages PDF, 117KB)

Yuchun Tang, Yuanchen He, Sven Krasser and Paul Judge

Session 2 (16:00 - 17:20)

A Semi-Supervised Approach for Web Spam Detection using Combinatorial Feature-Fusion (8 pages PDF, 158KB)

Ye Tian, Gary M. Weiss and Qiang Ma

Keynote: Diffusion Learning Machines

Marco Gori

Semi-supervised classification with hyperlinks (1 pages PDF, 61KB)

Jacob Abernethy and Olivier Chapelle

Webspam detection via Semi-Supervised Graph Partitioning (2 pages PDF, 106KB)

Chris Biemann and Hans Friedrich Witschel

SpamChallenge 2007 - Track II: France Telecom RD Submissions (2 pages PDF, 87KB)

Pascal Filoche and Tanguy Urvoy and Marc Boullé

Post-conference material