The scope of this workshop is the development of new models for graph labelling. The goal of the graph labelling problem, as illustrated in the figure, is to find the labels of the nodes of a graph given a partially labeled graph.

The workshop will include two types of presentations: research papers and web spam challenge entries. Web spam challenge entries are expected to be accompanied by a research paper.

General topics

Theoretical or experimental research papers representing original, previously unpublished works, are invited to be submitted to the workshop (with a page limit of up to 8 pages). Positioning papers describing current research are also welcome, as well as, opinion papers discussing Graph Labelling models or applications.

Graph labelling is a generic task with several applications in many different domains. The topics include, but are not limited, to:

  • Generic graph labelling models
  • Graph Diffusion
  • Tree annotation models - XML annotation
  • Models for large graphs
  • Web spam detection
  • Wiki, Blog, Web retrieval
  • Web classification and clustering
  • Social networks
  • Collaboration and citation graphs


The webspam challenge provides a set of labelled graph that can be used as training/testing corpora for this workshop